“Once Upon a Mattress” cast begins preparation for show


Cast of “Once Upon a Mattress” has been hard at work preparing for the show.

Belle Olson, BHS Jounalism

Every day after school some people have sports practice some people get to go home, but at 6:30 p.m. the musical cast gathers at the PAC with Director Erin Buffum to practice for this year’s fall musical.

On Sept. 14 Buffum posted the 2018 cast list for the fall musical during seminar. The musical, “Once Upon a Matress,” has seventeen lead roles that are filled by students of all grades in BHS.

“I enjoy chosing comedies because Baldwin has a good audience who likes to laugh,” Buffum said. I was looking for a more classic show and it has a twist in it.”

“Once Upon a Mattress” is a musical about the story of the Princess and the Pea. The main characters are Prince Dauntless the Drab and Princess Winnifred the Woebegone. Senior Joss Bathke, and Junior Kayla Mountain were selected by BHS choir teacher, Mrs. Buffum, to play this dynamic duo.

“It is always difficult (to chose the cast). I have a relationship with all of the students, and I want to give them all what they want and it just doesn’t happen that way,” Buffum said.

Some of the other members of the cast consist of Josie Boyle, Aiden Lawrence, Kennedy Chrisco, Otilia Apostol, Riley Smith, and Jacob Hofman.

Bathke says that the best part of the musical is the cast and the experiences they have.

“(The best part is) definitely the people that are doing it,” Bathke said. “We all have a common interest, and we all just like to be around each other.”

Because this musical has only 17 lead characters it makes it that much more special for the people who got the main roles.

It feels good,” (to have a main role) Bathke said. “I have a lot going on so it will be a challenge, but I am excited to overcome it because I know how much it is riding on me and other people who want to have a good time, so I need to get my part done. It’s a good time!”

The other principal characters include: Maiya Evans, Zach Montgomery, Molly Higgins, Regan Shorb, Cas Sumner, Brett Trebilcock, Steven Simpson, Jade Venable, and Jaiden Marsh.

The Knights are Isaac Bailey, Wyatt Bathke, Vince Evans, Benton Flory, James Foster, Weston Joliff, Blake Leslie, Crayton Walters, and Ayden Williams.

The Ladies-In-Waiting are Sierra Breedlove, Victoria Daniel, Ruby Dempsey, Alyson Durand, Riley Fletcher, Ellie Gerstner, Holly Gilliland, Chloe Hoffman, Megan Jardon, Olivia Kerr, Jillian Markway, Nina Mozier, Zsofia Nemeth, Zoë Ortiz, Abby Patterson, Emma Pratt, Faith Stan, Riley Steinman, Ruth Steinshouer, and Olivia Todd.