New film society club started at BHS

New film society club started at BHS

The BHS Film Society has started up again, with a new name. The president, senior George Letner, has agreed to talk with me.

Q: What made you want to start this club?

  • A: One day in Spanish class i saw on mrs Marten’s board Film Society of the Greater Lawrence Baldwin Area and my name wasn’t on it, and I really like a lot of different movies so I decided to write my name up there. Mrs Marten saw it and asked if I actually wanted to do it, I said yeah, and the club started.

Q: What will you do besides watch movies?

  • A: We will try to do lots of different meetings, one will be how to get people to find and see and appreciate good movies, and the other part will pertain to dissecting the movie and finding out what makes it great and less of just watching it and more thinking about it.

Q: What made you start loving movies so much?

  • A: It probably started a year ago, during the summer I would get really bored during the day and I went online and looked up stuff with trying to figure out which movies had the greatest impact and what movies are considered the greatest. I also looked at articles about what made them great and that started my interest of not being a movie watcher and more a movie appreciator.

Q: What is your favorite movie and why?

  • A: My favorite movie of all time is “Dr. Strangelove”, because it is an older time piece movie, and it has some of my favorite actors in it, and I really love the story and for some reason it has always stuck with me.

Q: Have you seen “The Rocketeer”?

  • A: No, I haven’t.

Q: What kind of movie club leader are you?

  • A: A complicated one.

Q: Have you at least seen “Metropolis”?

  • A: Yes, it a great movie.

Q: What is your favorite genre?

  • A: I’m not big into bland movies, I like movies that don’t stick to genres, that do something new, but as far as what I watch the most often is science fiction, and action thrillers. I also like timepieces and stuff like that.

The BHS film society meeting is on an undecided date,  so keep checking in.