Why the iPhone 6 is bad

Why the iPhone 6 is bad

Nick Rice, writer

The new iPhone has broken apple sale records, with 10 million units selling at launch (investorplace.com).

The new iPhone was released Sept. 19, and promises a better user experience. Does it live up to the hype?

The overview of the new phone include.

Changes include being .7 inches bigger in the 6 version, and 1.5 inches bigger in the 6 plus.

It also adds 1GB of ram, dual core processor, a 1334 x 75 display in the 6 and 1920 x 1080 in the 6 plus. The motion sensor is more sensitive, the camera shoots 1080p with a slo mo effect, with the battery lasting 12 hours (cnet.com).

It comes a little late to the party though, with the Samsung Galaxy being around for two years prior. The specs of the newest one, the 4, outperforms the iPhone by a large margin.

The specs include a 2560×1440 pixel display, a sensitive and accurate stylus for precise writing, and the ability to have multiple tabs open for multi-tasking, like a computer. The battery lasts 15 hours.

The changes also include updating the quad core processor to an even faster version, surpassing the Galaxy 5, and significantly surpassing the iPhone 6 in both iterations, and comes with 3GB of ram, 3 times that of the iPhone 6.

Some students are not fans of the new iPhone.

“I think it’s stupid because of everything breaking,” senior Kiefer Halpin said, “and the case bends in your pocket.”

“Updating to iOS 8 removes your service on the iPhone 6,” senior Emmet Martin said.

Only the consumer can decide which the would prefer to have, but I’ll stick with Android for better phones and prices for them.