Summer 2014 Video Game Review

Summer 2014 Video Game Review

Nick Rice, BHS Journalism

The availability of game consoles and the prevalence of smart phones has lead to a video game playing culture.

Students were asked if they  played video games, and 8/10 said yes.

This pastime that has become more and more popular.

According to students, the best games played this summer were; Watch dogs, Crysis 3, Portal 2 and Skyrim for being non-linear.

“I like Burnout 3 because it’s easy and doesn’t require a lot of intelligence,”sophomore Robert Hernandez said.

Other students preferred different games for different reasons, such as;

“My favorite game i played this summer is Dota because it is addictive and challenging,” senior Emmett Martin said.

Other popular games this summer were Dota 2 and Spyro because of the high difficulty level, and childhood memories, respectively.