The Bulldog Bulletin

  • Prom tickets will be on sale from April 2 to April 13 at $10. or April 16 to April 20 for $15

  • Starstruck talent show auditions will be held after school April 17, 19, 20. The live show will be May 5.

  • The deadline for ordering yearbooks in April 27.

2017-2018 Boys Basketball

Thu, Nov 30 Tonganoxie JVBaldwin HS49-50L
Tonganoxie JVBaldwin HS
Thu, Nov 30 Tonganoxie FRBaldwin HS25-53L
Tonganoxie FRBaldwin HS
Thu, Nov 30 TonganoxieBaldwin JH58-47W
TonganoxieBaldwin JH
Mon, Dec 04 Anderson County FRAnderson County HS45-27W
Anderson County FRAnderson County HS
Mon, Dec 04 Anderson CountyBaldwin JH87-65W
Anderson CountyBaldwin JH
Tue, Dec 05 LouisburgBaldwin JH51-65L
LouisburgBaldwin JH
Wed, Dec 06 Anderson CountyOttawa HS62-26W
Anderson CountyOttawa HS
Mon, Dec 11 Ottawa JVOttawa HS27-66L
Ottawa JVOttawa HS
Tue, Dec 12 PaolaPaola HS53-51W
PaolaPaola HS
Tue, Dec 12 Paola JVSunflower Elementary44-38W
Paola JVSunflower Elementary
Tue, Dec 12 6 p.m.Paola FRSunflower Elementary
Paola FRSunflower Elementary
Tue, Dec 19 Eudora Baldwin JH54-55L
Eudora Baldwin JH
Tue, Dec 19 Eudora JVBaldwin HS56-49W
Eudora JVBaldwin HS
Tue, Dec 19 Eudora FRBaldwin HS39-60L
Eudora FRBaldwin HS
Tue, Jan 02 Prairie ViewPrairie View HS78-49W
Prairie ViewPrairie View HS
Tue, Jan 02 Prairie View FRPrairie View HS45-59L
Prairie View FRPrairie View HS
Tue, Jan 02 Prairie View JVPrairie View HS55-34W
Prairie View JVPrairie View HS
Thu, Jan 04 Louisburg JVLouisburg HS45-35W
Louisburg JVLouisburg HS
Thu, Jan 04 Louisburg FRLouisburg HS33-50L
Louisburg FRLouisburg HS
Thu, Jan 04 LouisburgLouisburg HS54-52W
LouisburgLouisburg HS
Sat, Jan 06 Waverly FRWaverly HS48-32W
Waverly FRWaverly HS
Tue, Jan 09 OttawaBaldwin JH40-53L
OttawaBaldwin JH
Tue, Jan 09 Ottawa JVBaldwin HS25-67L
Ottawa JVBaldwin HS
Tue, Jan 09 Ottawa FRBaldwin HS38-54L
Ottawa FRBaldwin HS
Fri, Jan 12 Spring HillSpring Hill HS33-42L
Spring HillSpring Hill HS
Fri, Jan 12 Spring Hill JVSpring Hill HS52-58L
Spring Hill JVSpring Hill HS
Fri, Jan 12 Spring Hill FRSpring Hill HS33-61L
Spring Hill FRSpring Hill HS
Tue, Jan 16 WellsvilleBIT31-51L
Fri, Jan 19 Bishop WardBaldwin JH69-46W
Bishop WardBaldwin JH
Sat, Jan 20 J.C. HarmonBaldwin JH62-49W
J.C. HarmonBaldwin JH
Tue, Jan 30 DeSoto JVDeSoto HS32-52L
DeSoto JVDeSoto HS
Tue, Jan 30 DeSoto FRDeSoto HS15-61L
DeSoto FRDeSoto HS
Tue, Jan 30 DeSotoDeSoto HS61-71L
DeSotoDeSoto HS
Fri, Feb 02 Paola FRBaldwin JHS22-53L
Paola FRBaldwin JHS
Fri, Feb 02 Paola JVBaldwin HS33-53L
Paola JVBaldwin HS
Fri, Feb 02 PaolaBaldwin JHS44-63L
PaolaBaldwin JHS
Tue, Feb 06 4:30 p.m.Eudora JVEudora Middle School
Eudora JVEudora Middle School
Tue, Feb 06 6 p.m.Eudora FREudora Middle School
Eudora FREudora Middle School
Tue, Feb 06 EudoraEudora HS57-63L
EudoraEudora HS
Tue, Feb 13 Louisburg JVBaldwin HS55-59L
Louisburg JVBaldwin HS
Tue, Feb 13 LouisburgBaldwin JH77-44W
LouisburgBaldwin JH
Tue, Feb 13 6 p.m.Louisburg FRBaldwin HS
Louisburg FRBaldwin HS
Fri, Feb 16 OttawaOttawa HS47-52L
OttawaOttawa HS
Fri, Feb 16 Ottawa JVOttawa HS42-45L
Ottawa JVOttawa HS
Fri, Feb 16 Ottawa FROttawa HS27-57L
Ottawa FROttawa HS
Fri, Feb 23 De SotoBaldwin JH52-61L
De SotoBaldwin JH
Fri, Feb 23 De Soto JVBaldwin HS48-71L
De Soto JVBaldwin HS
Fri, Feb 23 De Soto FRBaldwin HS28-56L
De Soto FRBaldwin HS
Mon, Feb 26 6 p.m.Spring Hill FRBaldwin HS
Spring Hill FRBaldwin HS
Mon, Feb 26 Spring HillBaldwin JH46-45W
Spring HillBaldwin JH
Fri, Mar 02 Burlington (Sub-State) Anderson County HS69-87L
Burlington (Sub-State) Anderson County HS
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