Stop fast fashion


Victoria Daniel, Opinion Editor

What is fast fashion? Fast fashion is inexpensive clothing produced by mass-market retailers in response to the latest fashion trends. Fast fashion items consist of cheaply made material sold at low prices. Companies that use fast fashion often use sweatshops. 

Sweatshops are not economical; sweatshops are factories and workshops used in clothing industries. Clothes are manually made and employers are paid at very low wages for extreme hours of work. 

Some of your favorite stores use fast fashion. Stores like Forever 21, H&M, Top shop, and many more mainstream companies use fast fashion to produce high amounts of cheap clothing for little cost.

Not only is fast fashion bad for the economy, it is bad for the environment. states, high demands for trendy fashion results in mass production of clothing, which results in producing synthetic fibers like polyester which requires a lot of energy and toxic gases. 

Thrifting is a simple solution to reduce pollution. Thrifting and buying second hand clothes eliminates the demand of clothes coming from companies. Thrifting eliminates waste; instead of clothes going to landfills, they get donated. 

Not only does thrifting eliminate waste, pollution, and prevents companies high demand for clothing, if you thrift, you will likely not have the same clothes as the people around you. Thrifting and buying second hand is cheaper and more unique.

Recycling, reducing plastic waste, and composting are not always the only ways you can better yourself and the environment. Becoming aware of everyday things, like the clothes you put on your body, can have a huge impact on the environment.