Students taking trip to San Francisco


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Golden Gate and the Golden Gate strait, San Francisco, California

Anna Rolland

Golden gate bridge, Alcatraz, and the painted lady are all things that 13 BHS students will see when they go to San Francisco.

April 20-24 Journalism students at BHS will take a trip to San Francisco. Many of the students in Journalism and Kit Harris are going for the Journalism National Convention

Journalism teacher Kit Harris thinks that students will learn a lot about the subject.

“The journalism conventions a lot of fun experience with some of the top professional journalists presenting the students,” Harris said. “They’ll learn a lot.”

It will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for many students. Especially the ones who are interested in journalism as a career.

“You don’t really get chances to go to San Francisco,” 8th grader Rylie Statham said. ”Plus journalism sounds fun to do so I wanted to see how that would be.”

It’s a great opportunity for students to grow in their writing skills.

“We’re going to go touring around San Francisco and hopefully get some ideas for writing some stuff,” 8th grader Jada Sansome said.

Many students will get out of their comfort zone and get inspired by some of the workshops.

“I think it’ll be a good experience to get out of my comfort zone because I won’t have my parents there,” Sansome said. ”I’ll just be with my friends.”

In the morning they will go to journalism workshops, but some of their afternoon plans include an alcatraz tour, seeing the golden gate bridge, golden gate park, and the painted lady houses.

“I think sightseeing is going to a major part of it for some cool stuff,” Sansome said.A