BJHS carnival big hit


Tucker Johnson, Journalism

The parent-teacher conferences are coming up and parents might need help with their kids. The school is making a carnival to help them out. They have games for the kids to play while the parents go and do the conference. Kids can buy tickets for the carnival at the stands that are at each door. Each ticket was 25 cents and each game were different prices. 

Some games had prizes that you could win and you could get a piece of candy at some places. One of our games was an obstacle course that had people working it. We also had a ring toss which was our most played game. There were 2 lines for different ages and when a student won they got to choose a 2-liter bottle. 

There was a cap at 2 bottles per person. The ring toss had to restock bottles 3 times. 

“This is going a lot better than I thought it would,”  7th grade Language Arts teacher Patty Flory Evans.

Everyone thought that the carnival would have only a couple of people but we ended up getting a lot of people. The carnival was packed on the first day but on the second day, fewer people came than the first time. We had to knock them down which was another game there. You had cans of soup that we stacked up and you had to knock it over with a tennis ball. We also had a face painting station which was also popular. 

When you got there it was 1 ticket a person and you chose what you wanted. They could paint you or you could try to paint yourself. There was also a cakewalk in which two people ran. You would listen to music and step on numbers and when the music stopped you could get a cupcake. Towards the end, people started going home so fewer people showed up so they gave out 4 to each person.