BJHS students assist with school cleaning


Tucker Johnson, BHS Journalism

With covid cases going up many schools are understaffed. Janitors have not been here to clean, do trash, or vacuum. With all of them gone many students have had to help out. Many kids and teachers have been doing things to keep the school good and not get dirty.

“Alright, guys I am going to give you all some jobs to do,” BJHS teacher Patty Flory-Evans said.

The W.E.B group has been doing the most jobs in the school for the janitors. F-E( The leader of W.E.B and 7th-Grade Language Arts teacher) has been having the W.E.B group do jobs for the janitors. Every day there are people that go out to clean things at the school. They go and clean door handles to slow the spread of Covid. Multiple people go at the same time to make it more efficient and to do more. 

“A lot of janitors are gone and I need you to get some stuff done for them,” Flory-Evans said. 

Other students have had to go out and do the trash around the school. 

“Alright so start in this hall and then to the other ones,” Flory-Evans said. 

When kids go to do trash they have to go around the entire school and get all of the trash cans empty. Other kids can go around with dusters to clean the top of lockers or doors. Some kids after lunch stay back and clean off the tables with table cleaners. There aren’t any janitors to clean them off so they choose to do it. Teachers have also been gone and subs so we have had to figure that out. 

The librarian has had to take multiple classes at a time and has to control them all. When teachers would be gone other teachers might have to also fill in for them. They either have to go and have a class come and join theirs or if they do not have a class they have them all go to their room.