Seniors start new Environmental Club

Lillian Judy, BHS Journalism

Baldwin High School has many different clubs for students to be associated with. One club in specific has been created by BHS students to help the environment.

“Victoria and I have wanted to start this club since our junior year but could not because of COVID. With the help of Ms. Marten, we got things moving this year. We are hoping for our club to grow so we can help inform high school students on how to make change,” senior Abby Bergmann said.

The environmental club meets at the end of the school day in seminar. The purpose of this club is to find alternative ways in everyday life to help uphold the health of the environment. Currently, they are trying to save any milk cartons or recyclable containers to make money so they can start their first project.

“My freshman year I became interested in the environment and even became vegetarian for a while. I was always looking into ways I can personally help the environment. My junior year I decided I wanted to start a club and Abby helped get the club started,” senior Victoria Daniel said.

Bergmann and Daniel worked together to put this club together and both had the idea early on. They didn’t do it alone however, they had the help of a teacher and many students who wanted to help.

“My favorite part about the club is the service aspect of it. I love being in climbs that have a direct impact on the school, but also beyond it. It’s a great opportunity and it helps us high school students think beyond our Baldwin City bubble,” junior Riley Smith said.

Smith is a student here at BHS, and is part of the club as a member. The club will hopefully continue after Abby and Victoria have graduated for the sake of the environment. This is a good way to spend your spare time and be a benefit to the health of our planet.