Seniors prepare for college as graduation gets closer


Braelyn Hinderliter, BHS Journalism

Class of 2021 are working hard planning for their future. As seniors’ last year at Baldwin High School closes in, students must plan for what they are going to do after graduating. Students may go to their counselor, Debbie Baldwin, for help or suggestions.

“I try to start talking/guiding them when they enter high school. We offer the inventory assessments if they do not know what they might want to do as a career choice, and assist with assessing strengths and weaknesses both academically and personally socially,” says Baldwin on helping students.

Seniors have to find a college that works well with their job plans. Counselors are there to recommend, suggest, or help seniors with their college planning. What do counselors best recommend for seniors?

“Figure out what you are looking for in college, be that general education classes or a planned area of study and do your research. Start looking at what is most important to you, the coursework, the cost, the location…as you get closer to your junior and senior years, set aside time to try and communicate directly with the college(s),” says Baldwin. 

After the Covid-19 pandemic hit the U.S., many colleges shut down, sending their students home. Most colleges have opened back up with certain guidelines. These guidelines could definitely affect college planning for students.

“Like I stated earlier, many schools are not doing in person visits. If the student has not taken the ACT, it is not as easy as it was before to take a test locally (however, many colleges are waiving the requirement to have an ACT score). Also, students need to consider what format the institution is going to for providing an education,” says Autumn Weiss on how Covid-19 has affected college planning.

Students planning for college could have different opinions, or feelings about it. Some could be stressed, excited, or neutral. This can be a stressful time for many seniors as they plan for their future. 

“Choosing a college is difficult unless you have had an idea of where you’ve wanted to go, then comes applying and actually getting accepted. There are FAFSA papers and getting scholarships and other ways to pay for college,” says Jasmine Renyer on her experience with college planning. 

Planning for college is a big step in growing up and seniors must learn how to plan, coordinate, and grow when they leave high school. After college they may take even bigger steps by looking for occupations that correspond with their plans.