From band student to band teacher


Adalyn Madl, BHS Journalism

Sierra Breedlove has been in band for 8 years since 5th grade. She has been involved in band for most of her life. 

“I play the clarinet as my main,” Breedlove said. “But I started tenor saxophone this year so I play with the Jazz Band.” 

Breedlove practiced band often while keeping up with school. She has been inspired by band so much that she decided she wanted to become a band teacher for grades K-12.

“I plan to major in music education and become K-12 band director,” Breedlove said. “Growing up everybody had their thing like sports were their thing or makeup and this and that. I was like, I don’t have a thing and then band kinda just became my thing.”

Breedlove knows what she wants in the future and hopes to help others find what they’re looking for. 

“I like it so much, maybe I can help someone else find their thing too,” Breedlove said.

Breedlove has had lots of fun in band and some of her favorite memories were in band.

“I really liked our Colorado trip that was fun,” Breedlove said. “I loved the state fair when I was drum major this year it was really fun with everybody.”

Breedlove’s favorite thing about the band is everybody coming together for a good cause. 

“My favorite thing is like everybody coming together for a common good, we all come from different backgrounds and some of us do sports and are in different clubs,” Breedlove said. “We come together for a great cause and just make music together.”